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OF 5.16%

The Electrical District No. 3 (ED3) board of directors approved its 2016 budget at their October 28th board meeting. The District is excited to announce that the 2016 electric rates will go down 5.16 % for residential, commercial, small industrial and agriculture.

William Stacy, General Manager of ED3, said the utility company has worked hard to hold rates flat for the past six years and will provide a rate decrease to its customers effective January 1, 2016, during a time when other utilities and businesses in Arizona and across the nation continue to raise their rates.

Customers may be interested to know ED3’s residential and small commercial rates are lower than those of the Phoenix electric power provider, Arizona Public Service (APS). ED3’s standard residential rates are at least 7.9% lower than Arizona Public Service and could be lower depending on the electrical usage.

ED3 began operation in 1926, to provide area farmers with electricity to irrigate their crops and is a non-profit utility currently providing electricity to about 70,000 customers. ED3 will be celebrating 90 years of service in January 2016.

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Photovoltaic System Application – Changes to Solar Program

The ED3 Board of Directors has adopted changes to the Rider No. 3, Distributed Generation Fixed Cost Recovery Charge (DGFCR), and Solar Application Process at their May 27, 2015 meeting. These changes were necessary in order to ensure ED3’s ability to continue to maintain safe and reliable service at the lowest cost possible to all of our customers.

The revisions are as follows:

ED3 will compensate a customer’s net excess generation based on the avoided cost rate for energy monthly. This is the current Buyback Option.

The Distributed Generation Fixed Cost Recovery Charge will increase from the current $0.70/kW to $3.00/kW of installed Solar DG per month.

Solar Applications will be limited to 30 a month on a first come, first serve basis.  Any additional Solar Applications received, will be placed in a solar queue to be approved the following month.

These changes will affect all residential and small commercial DG Applications received and approved after July 1, 2015.  Those who have applied before July 1, 2015 must be interconnected by Sept 1, 2015, or will be subject to these changes. However, all existing customers interconnected prior to July 1, 2015 will not be subject to these changes.


The Electrical District No. 3 (ED3) Board of Directors approved the development of the Energy Assistance Fund in 2011 which will provide an opportunity for ED3 utility bill customers and residents to easily contribute to their community. All Energy Assistance Fund donations from customers will be allocated to the Community Action Human Resources Agency (CAHRA), a local non-profit agency serving ED3 customers. ED3 will donate all the funds collected through customer contributions to the local charity, CAHRA, which will then disburse the funds to qualified consumers who are having difficulty paying their electric bill. ED3 customers have several contribution options and donations can be added to your ED3 bill payment through:

  • Monthly Contribution ($5.00 or other amount of your choice added to your monthly bill.)
  • Monthly Billing Round-Up Contribution (ED3 will round up your utility bill amount to the nearest whole dollar amount. For example, if your bill amount is $42.37, your round up contribution would be $0.63 for a total of $43.00.)
  • One-Time Donation (Make a donation at any time in any denomination you choose.)

The program is voluntary and contributions are fully tax deductible.

ED3 looks forward to supporting CAHRA in providing assistance to our community members through this program.

To sign up to make a contribution, please contact ED3 Customer Service at (520) 424-9021, or Click Here to download a copy of the sign-up form.