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Pre-Paid Metering Program


Electrical District No. 3’s (ED3’s) Pre-Paid Metering Program (PPM) is an innovative method of paying for your electricity.  ED3 is excited to offer this program to its customers.  The PPM Program offers ED3 customers an opportunity to pay in advance for their electricity while offering daily energy usage information to assist customers who wish to conserve energy.  Customers will pre-pay for their electricity and receive daily text or email notifications of the amount used and the amount remaining on their account.

Be IN CONTROL with an ED3 Pre-Pay Account:

  • Put your deposit to work for you immediately or avoid a deposit altogether.

  • No more billing surprises, receive daily information about your power usage.

  • Immediately get daily text and email alerts about your pre-pay account.

  • Payment options available all day, every day. 

  • Studies have shown that pre-pay accounts help customers use less electricity, saving them money.


ED3 Will Alert You When:

  • Your account has fallen below your requested threshold balance.

  • You have successfully made a payment.

  • Your account is eligible for disconnection.

  • Your account has been disconnected.

  • Your account has been reconnected.

Most ED3 customers can elect at any time to have a pre-paid meter installed.  Please see the Terms and Conditions below.  Customers may begin this program by completing the form linked below and returning it to an ED3 office. 


Customer Service Office:
19756 N. John Wayne Pkwy, Suite 101, Maricopa, AZ 85139


District Office:
41630 W. Louis Johnson Dr., Maricopa, AZ 85138 


Customers must provide the following information in order to set up the PPM Program on their account: 

  • Account Number

  • Mobile Phone Number

  • Mobile Phone Provider

  • Email Address

Customers will have the option to receive alerts regarding account activity by mobile phone or email or both.  Customers will be required to receive the following alerts: 

  • Service Reconnected

  • Balance and Usage Alert (Daily)

  • Pending Auto Disconnect Alert

Optional Alerts include:  

  • Account Profile Change

  • Returned Check Alert

  • Payment Confirmation

  • Service Connected

  • Service Disconnected

  • Low Balance Threshold Reached

  • High Usage Alert

Terms and Conditions:

Residential customers may elect to pre-pay for their electricity usage through the PPM Program with the exception of customers who have on-site solar generation. 

For new customers, the initial Service Establishment Fee for account set up and credit check will apply.  Customer must agree to start their PPM account with a minimum balance of fifty dollars ($50.00).  A customer who has an existing ED3 account will be expected to satisfy that account to a zero dollar ($0.00) balance and also provide a minimum pre-paid balance of fifty dollars ($50.00) before their PPM account can be set up.

It is understood by the customer that once their PPM account reaches a zero dollar ($0.00) balance, the energy provided to the Service Address will be disconnected immediately.  It is further understood that for customers to have their PPM account reconnected, a minimum balance of fifty dollars ($50.00) must be pre-paid for future usage.  By electing to participate in the PPM Program, customers understand that there will be daily charges for their usage and their PPM account may be subject to a Minimum Bill Charge. 

Payments contributed towards pre-payment of electricity will only be accepted in the amount of $20.00 (twenty dollars) and greater.  Payments less than $20.00 (twenty dollars) will not be accepted by the District. 

Security Deposits: 

Participation in the PPM Program does not require a Security Deposit to be held on the customer’s PPM account.  Deposits that are held on active accounts will be applied to the current account balance with any remainder applied as pre-payment on the PPM account.  When the customer is no longer participating in the PPM Program, either by customer choice or ED3’s choice, and wants to establish another type of ED3 account, the customer must satisfy all current deposit and credit requirements as per ED3 policies.  If the customer had a Deposit on file before going onto the PPM Program, an equal or greater Deposit will be required to establish another type of account.  The Deposit requirement and amount will be determined based on the customer’s status and history at the time of exit from the PPM account.


For more information or to sign up for the program, please call (520) 424-9021.

You can download a PDF form to sign up here.