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The ED3 Solar Program is limited to customers served by ED3, who purchase power and energy provided by ED3, and whose solar generation systems are qualified to deliver power and energy back to ED3.

Customers who wish to interconnect their solar system to the ED3 electric grid will be required to complete the Solar Application Packet and approval process.

Acceptable Solar Distributed Generation (“Solar DG”) System Sizes:

Minimum:  1,000 Watts DC.

Residential Maximum:  10 kW (ten kilowatts)

Small General Service Maximum:  20 kW (twenty kilowatts)

For residential and small commercial DG Applications received and approved after July 1, 2015:

The ED3 Board of Directors has adopted changes to the Distributed Generation Fixed Cost Recovery Charge (DGFCR) and Solar Application Process at their May 27, 2015 meeting. These changes were necessary in order to ensure ED3’s ability to continue to maintain safe and reliable service at the lowest cost possible to all of our customers. 

        ED3 will compensate a customer’s net excess generation based on the avoided cost rate for energy monthly. This is the current Buyback Option.

     The Distributed Generation Fixed Cost Recovery Charge (DGFCRC) is $3.00 (three dollars) / kW of installed Solar DG per month. 

     Solar Applications will be limited to thirty (30) a month on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Any additional Solar Applications received, will be placed in a Solar Queue to be approved the following month.

Although current rates will be closed after July 1st, they will remain effective at that location regardless of ownership. However, if a Solar PV System is moved it will be subject to the new rates.  All customers may be subject to future rate changes in accordance with the terms and policies of ED3’s Electric Service Guidelines - Rules and Regulations.

Please click here to view a PowerPoint Presentation regarding the Distributed Energy Generation (DG) Policy.


ED3 is not responsible for the workmanship or materials of the Customer’s installation contractor.

ED3 does not inspect the installation of the system on your roof. 

Some Solar generation interconnections may require a System Engineering Analysis, the cost of which will be borne by the Customer.  An initial System Engineering Analysis Fee of $500 (five hundred dollars) will be required to begin the study.  Any additional analysis costs will be billed to the Customer in advance and any unused amounts will be returned upon completion of the analysis.

Customer Applications which are placed in the ED3 Solar Queue are subject to any and all revisions to the requirements of the ED3 Solar Program and Application Process during their time in the Solar Queue.

Any projections of the economic attributes of your system, regardless of the source, are not approved by or binding on ED3.

ED3 Solar Power Application Packet

If you would like to sign up, please print, review, and complete the application packet at the link above. For questions, please contact the Solar Coordinator at (520) 424-0418.

Your completed application packet can be emailed to solar@ed-3.org or dropped off at either of our office locations during business hours.

Customer Service Center
19756 N. John Wayne Pkwy, Suite 101
Maricopa, AZ 83139

Main Administration Office
41630 W. Louis Johnson Drive
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