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Life Support Customers

Electrical District No. 3 has a very reliable electric system, but occasionally, we do experience interruptions in service.

Most power outages are caused by unpredictable events such as lightning, wind, accidents or extreme weather conditions. Thus, we cannot guarantee that your electric service will always be available.

We would like to encourage you to install a battery back up system for your electric-powered life support devices, monitors, and other systems and that you make arrangements to prepare for unpredictable power outages. If you experience a medical emergency you should call 911 and or otherwise seek emergency medical services.

Once in a while, we must schedule power interruptions in order to perform system maintenance and repair. We have noted your situation in our systems, and will make every effort to notify you in advance of a scheduled or planned power interruption.

In order for Electrical District No. 3 to keep proper records, a medical form is required for all customers that have medical equipment in their house that it is essential to sustain life. The form labeled "Electrical District No. 3 (ED3) Medical Status Form, must be completed by the customer as well as the patients physician. Please print the form below, complete it and fax it back to the district office at 520-494-7053.

Medical Status Form

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to call 520-424-9021.